Review: Permanent Spring Showers by Scott D. Southard

I stand and slow clap.  Wow, no words.  An enthralling, fantastic read!

24833058Title: Permanent Spring Showers
Author: Scott D. Southard
Genre: Contemporary, Literary Fiction
Pages: 456
Published by: 5 Prince Publishing and Books LLC
Published Date: February 5, 2015
ISBN-10: 1631120816
ISBN-13: 978-1631120817

Publisher’s Summary: Professor Rebecca Stanley-Wilson is having a very bad season. Her husband has just admitted to having an affair. And it was with one of her students. Blame it on a desire for revenge (or way too much alcohol), she then has had one of her own. Unfortunately for her, her affair was with one of the great upcoming painters of his generation. The ramifications of that one torrid evening will not only be felt across her life but over the entire art world. Sexy, funny, and very surprising, Permanent Spring Showers is the tale of one very memorable springtime and how it impacts a group of unique artists and dreamers. From the writer who is creating a new literary movement (through outright manipulation) to the hopeful Olympian with the failing marriage to the romantic wondering what he did wrong to drive his love from him, each tale walks the line between reality and fantasy. And waiting at the end of the line is a very important painting… and possibly the revolver used in the Lincoln Assassination.

My Thoughts:  Marvelously wrought, Mr. Southard! What an awesome story, woven meticulously perfect until it all comes together where the reader and the actors of this story have their day of reckoning.  It was one of those stories I could see read by an English Literature class and discussed for the many things it tells us about people, their motives, their fantasies, their obsessions, their human spirit. Mr. Southard, once again you have taken my breath away.  I couldn’t believe you could write anything as good and soul enriching as A Jane Austen Daydream.  I was wrong.

This is a story with soap opera characteristics. This multi-layered, well-written, and extremely engaging novel with its unique plot and story setting, felt like a classic. The author dives into the minds of writers, teachers, architects and a wildly talented artist, some with quite twisted tendencies leaving me spellbound with its message.

Each character has his/her own story, and each impacts the other in some fashion.  Mr. Southard creates memorable characters struggling with ordinary challenges — a professor trying to save her marriage, an architect wanting to be noticed, a builder who’s bored with just building the usual, a writer working to create a new genre, a new way of storytelling, a wealthy man who marries to keep his secrets, a security guard without much of a presence and an artist with ideas encompassing greatness. Yet, this story is anything but ordinary.

There were moments of chuckling, moments of tears, moments of incredulity.  The story gives us hope, the human spirit has no bounds, where the ending could very well be a new beginning, a new direction in life. Grasp it my readers, for nothing is more spectacular and mysterious as the human mind and what it is able to achieve.

Scott_17_smallAbout the Author: Scott D. Southard, the author of A Jane Austen Daydream, swears he is not obsessed with Jane Austen. He is also the author of the novels: My Problem with Doors, Megan, Permanent Spring Showers, Maximilian Standforth and the Case of the Dangerous Dare, and 3 Days in Rome.

With his eclectic writing he has found his way into radio, being the creator of the radio comedy series The Dante Experience. The production was honored with the Golden Headset Award for Best MultiCast Audio and the Silver Ogle Award for Best Fantasy Audio Production. Scott received his Master’s in writing from the University of Southern California.

Scott can be found on the internet via his writing blog “The Musings & Artful Blunders of Scott D. Southard” ( where he writes on far-ranging topics like writing, art, books, TV, writing, parenting, life, movies, and writing. He even shares original fiction on the site. Currently, Scott resides in Michigan with his very understanding wife, his two patient children, and a very opinionated dog named Bronte.

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  2. Thanks! I’m so glad you enjoyed my latest novel! Cheers!

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  3. It was a pleasure to read…


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